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Short, medium and long-term plans

In few weeks, we will launch code-inspector, a tool that takes the pulse of your code, shows you the biggest problem and help you to fix it. It will help you to improve your code base in terms of productivity, safety and security.

Our objective is to redefine how static code analysis is used, and bridge the gap between a technology that is difficult to understand and the people that create software every day. This tool will help developers and managers to fix coding issues and prioritize technical debt.

We will do that through three major steps.

Step 1: static analysis + code duplication

At first, our tool will rely on static analysis tools. Code inspector will show code metrics and hotspots in dashboards and suggests an action plan to fix your product.

During that period, we will improve the user-interface (which looks like a honest website from the 90s for now), integrate with the popular continuous integration tools available in the market (travis-ci, gitlab) and increase the number of supported languages.

Step 2: Augment the processed data set

The second step aims at improving the tools we are using to detect more issues, especially on very popular languages (Java, Python). This will bring a competitive advantage over any other existing tool.

During that second phase, we will introduce specific technologies to process data from issue trackers (e.g. Jira, github) and refine and augment the results the static analyzers. For example, if there are several issues that reference the same source file, there is a high probability that this file is a bottleneck and/or source of error. The tool will show you this and potentially, help you to remediate the issue.

Step 3: Combine Machine Learning with Heuristics

The third and last step is to use machine learning (ML) techniques to detect and automatically resolve potential anomaly in the code base. ML on source code is still an emerging topic, it has been promising in several areas and we are confident we can push the technology to a point where we can discover more issues than with static analyzers but also automatically recommend fixes.

Don’t compromise our values

We want to offer the best tool to everybody. We will always have a basic/free plan for small projects and will ship new features without increasing our prices. The purpose of this tool is to help producing better software from any developer on the planet and we do not want to compromise this objective.

Want to try now?

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