Code-Inspector blog

What is Code Inspector

In the weeks to come, we will launch the first version of code inspector, a new tool that will analyze your code and make it easier to manage technical debt.

The context

“Software is eating the world” and nobody is really taking care of the increasing technical debt of the software that is shipped with the electronic devices we are using every day (which are potentially performing life-threatening tasks). Over the last few yeasrs, software issues have been reported to be the cause of defects on cars, appliances and often expose privacy of users.

Products are shipped with such vulnerabilities because of delivery pressure, architecture problems or just lack of awareness of such problems. There are many horror stories in the industry where technical debt increases very slowly initially to launch a product but keeps growing for years and quicly becomes so big that it is impossible to make any progress.

The need for better software

There is a clear need for a tool that helps software developers and managers analyze their projects, manage technical debt to improve the overall quality and fix issues before they hit the final user.

code inspector is this tool

Moving forward

Our objective is to raise the bar of the software quality. In the coming weeks, we will post on this blog our short, medium and long-term plan for this tool, our vision and what you can expect.